Sworn Translation

Certified translations, known as sworn translations in Brazil, are required for documents written in foreign languages to be officially accepted by the authorities.

Documents that usually need to be translated by a certified (sworn) translator include certificates, divorce settlements, IDs, driver’s licenses, passports, degree certificates, academic transcripts, bank statements, letters of good standing, criminal records, powers of attorney, contracts, etc.

Sworn translations can be issued on letter-headed paper and bear the translator’s signature and stamp or seal or digitally signed under Regulation "Instrução Normativa DREI" No. 72 of 19 December 2019). 

Sworn translation fees are set by the Registry of Commerce. Fees are specified per translated page of 1000 characters without spaces. As the total price is calculated after the translation is ready, the translator can only give an estimate in advance, based on experience, and not the exact final price. The final price must be printed at the bottom of the translation. 

Sworn translations follow strict parameters

Official fee list: click here.
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